Design Services

Technical Illustrations

I create all manner of technical illustrations, from your basic chart, to complex scientific 3D renderings. See some of the latter in my new book Nanoscale. Please contact me to go over the possibilities.

Web Design Services

I offer complete Internet building solutions, from initial concept to the working site. I can help get your small to medium site up and running in a minimal amount of time, and at a minimal cost. Below are some general guidelines and an idea of what's possible.


HTML is the language every computer uses to display web pages. A wide range of programs will create HTML documents, from specialized applications costing hundreds of dollars, like Dreamweaver, to MS Office to a plain text editor like Notepad. I create all code from scratch. It's harder that way but it creates much more stable code and I can be sure it will look the same viewed using a wide range of browsers.

The HTML standards are moving away from having the layout info throughout the document to lumping it all together in a single style sheet. CSS gives you much more control over page layout, but at present it not universally supported. I use a style sheet on all my pages for things like font styles, paragraph indents, and margins while making sure it will display properly on a browser that doesn't support them.


The right combination of colors and pictures can tell a significant story and set the mood for your site the instant it is viewed. However, too large a file size and a reliance on pictures alone can cause the site to load slowly and send visitors away before they can see what's there. Using high-end graphic tools I can take your images or logos and create a great looking site that loads quickly. Attention will also be paid to making sure visitors can navigate the site even when images are not displayed.


I will work with your existing web host or set you up with a suitable one. I can also take care of registering your domain for you.

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